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Ann Widdecombe tattoo
Farming Incident guitar behemoth Ieuan Jones is being badgered to appear on Channel Four's The Big Breakfast so the nation can get a glimpse of his magnificent Ann Widdecombe tattoo.

Mr Jones has continued to refuse to be coaxed into displaying his 'pride and joy' that is reputed to be etched onto the small of his back - not far from his arse in fact.

This is not the first time The Big Breakfast have been subject to Wrath action. Many years ago now Mssrs Morricone, Morricone & Agnew from The Scaramanga Six were asked to perform a version of 'All Shook Up' (in a previous band incarnation called 'Supersaurus') in Huddersfield high street backing a very poor Elvis impersonator. Though a fleeting appearance, the band had the pleasure of meeting AA-list TV celebrity Keith Chegwin. Indeed James Agnew still treasures his 'Cheggers' signed drum skin.

Continuing on the tenuous linking of news, Being 747's Dave Cooke was reported to have advised that one of his mates once appeared on 'Cheggers Plays Pops' when he were a nipper.