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Rabbit De Niro

The Scaramanga Six are currently working on a new release and video - The single will be ‘Bane Of My Life’ as featured on Strike! Up The Band and will be backed by two new recordings from The Six’s recent session with Cardiacs’ Tim Smith.

During the recent session, entheusiastic drummer Stuffy effortlessly rattled off a couple of extra drum tracks while no-one was listening. These turned out to be a couple of songs from The Scaramanga Six’s first album ‘The Liar, The Bitch and Her Wardrobe’ and so to humour him the rest of the band filled the all the other parts in. The result was rather good and you’ll be able to hear these newly reworked epics on this next release. For those who know their rock history (and have a copy of The Six’s first album) the tracks are ‘The Coward’ and an extra-fast version of ‘Poison Fang’.

The video is half-way through being shot at present and features a rather macabre white rabbit-man with a penchant for mindless violence. The storyline vaguely echoes the words of ‘Bane Of My Life’ but in all reality is merely based on an idea Paul of The Six had when he was watching Watership Down. See below for a few preview images.

The release of the single is fairly imminent though no date is set. It will be available though the usual outlets - distro by Shellshock, online via oxfordmusic.net and mail order via Wrath ourselves. See the news and products pages soon for more details.