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Not more releases from The band 'who torture from Yorkshire'...

The Scaramanga Six are to release a new single in advance of the full commercial release of the CABIN FEVER album. The track is called WE RODE THE STORM and is a musical testament to the band’s ‘never stop playing even when close friends plead with you to stop’ attitude.

The song is from the recent sessions with Cardiacs man Tim Smith and will also feature a few unreleased b-sides, though as yet we are not sure exactly which ones they’ll be.

Imagine you’ve just been to a big rock festival and you’ve seen lots of new bands who seem to getting a lot of popularity only to find that they are the exact soundalike of XTC, only nowhere near as good. Then go over to a friend’s house where they are listening to something they downloaded of a new band that sounds exactly like a watered down Talking Heads and you say to them ‘This sounds like a watered down Talking Heads’ and the say ‘Who are Talking Heads?’. Imagine the daily disappointment of such things - you’ll be getting somewhere near the motivation for this song and indeed the reason why The Scaramanga Six are still peddling their own brand of pop in the face of all of this tripe. Because all of this simply fuels them on.

No release date as yet for the single, but the video is well underway - and rest assured it will be every bit as stupid as the last one. It will also feature as an MPEG on the cd. When we get around to sorting out the artwork for the sleeve, the wheels of production will start to roll and you’ll be queuing up for your copy in no time.