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It's simply not cricket!

Work has finished on the video to 'We Rode The Storm' by The Scaramanga Six. This latest televisual bonanza was once again directed by the band and Wrath's very own Paul Morricone. The promo was produced at Mezzo Studios, Leeds where Paul teamed up with the creative duo of Fabian Wagner and Adam Steel as crew.

The basic idea to the video is one of perpetual movement where the band advance forward to a constantly backtracking camera through a multitude of different locations in a 'we'd like to be mafia gangsters' style. The Six, not averse to acting like they own the place, took to the task with great enthusiasm. During the shoot, the band traipsed through a number of unlikely scenarios such as disused mill buildings, expansive office suites, squash courts and even a bowling green - picking up handy playing tips from the local team at Huddersfield's Lockwood Park club.

"It is always a bit tricky being both behind and in front of the camera" said Paul. "A bit like being a sock - it goes around the outside of your foot, yet at the same time is inside your shoe therefore being in two places at once."

The video will hopefully find it's way onto television as the band's last promo for 'The Poison Pen' did, by getting a few spot plays on MTV2. If you see any Wrath band on television, please remember to badger the TV station senseless with requests to show it again. You never know - they might bow to the ensuing pressure and oblige!

We are working on putting this and other Wrath promos on the site somewhere so have patience. In the mean time, you can see a few stills from the shooting sessions to get an idea of the chaos and insanity of the proceedings if you go to the images section of the features page.