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Marriage, new recordings, ceramic lizards.....

The world of Dave Cooke, frontman with Leeds’ oddball pop-boffins Being 747, never stops. So much so that he and his henchmen are at it again in the studio.

The plan is to record a glut of new material and make more records to follow up FUN AND GAMES which came out earlier this year. First up will be a re-recording of THE GIRL WHO FELL ASLEEP WHILST WATCHING HER LIFE FLASH BEFORE HER EYES from the album as a new single.

This song seemed to have been picked up by a few radio stations so what better one to rehash and pass off as an new and exciting thing? Well, it will be don’t you worry. Especially as will also include many new tracks as b-sides including the self-righteous ‘Communist Prince’ and a tender acoustic ballad called ‘Desperate Dan’.

From then on, a new album will appear. All of which will be recorded and mixed by Stuffy/The Fuses sound-guru Jon Clayton at his aptly named One Cat Studio in London.

Dave is also stepping up his solo acoustic slots with a few appearances out and about the place. It’s good to see and hear airings of many songs lurking in his overly-full musical mind. Many of these may also spill out onto tape and become a solo acoustic album before too long. All this and he still has time to recently get married and make giant ceramic lizards for a living! Congratulations!