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Oddball, jerky pop whatnots BEING 747, are about to embark on a voyage of quite ordinary proportions as they tour the country up and down and then back up again very quickly. Why do they put themselves through such torment? - well the answer is TO SUPPORT THE RELEASE OF THEIR FANTASTIC
DEBUT ALBUM. That's why.

So then, more about this ere album of theirs. It's called 'FUN & GAMES' and contains a staggering 13 chunks of legs-in-the-air goofyness. The much-anticipated debut album (by their Mums anyway) details amongst other things the trials and tribulations of the music industry and everyday social realism with a huge dollop of eloquence & cynicism. Whilst flitting about between the musical genres of IndiePop, No-Wave, Alt-Country, and Garage Rockabilly like some kind of rampant moth, this album also explores a variety of instrumentation and arrangement from the minimal and spacious to
the downright lavish. Confused? - You will be. Here's the tracklist:

1. Swingball
2. Use Your Friends
3.Target Practice
4. That Look Again
5. Make Things Happen
6. The Music Of The Clones
7. Pressure To Perform
8. Time Talent Continuum
9. I Move Too Fast
10. Advice From The Golden Couple
11. I'm Easy
12. The One We Did Last Monday
13. The Girl Who Fell Asleep Whilst Watching Her Life Flash Before Her Eyes
14. Weathergirl (MPEG video)

Monday March 8th is the date you need to etch on your cranial membranes - for this is the momentous day that some copies of this fine work will be in some shops somewhere. Oh yes. Those of you allergic to shops, but rather fond of the online selling capabilities of the interweb can get hold of it at www.oxfordmusic.net or there is a third way - good old trusty Wrath mail order. See the products page for details on how to order. BARGAIN ALERT: It should be worth noting that the first 100 mail orders
through for 'Fun & Games' will get a totally free copy of Being 747's dreamy 'Weathergirl' EP with it. How can you refuse that, eh?
A handful of gigs will also be occurring. Here are the dates, all of which are in FEBRUARY:
Thurs 12th - The Adelphi, Hull
Sat 14th - Transmission @ The Vine, Leeds (With Finlay + Cardboard Cowboy)
Mon 16th - Charm @ The Blues Bar, Harrogate (with Enamel Camel)
Thurs 19th - Planet Beet @ The Prior's Inn, Bury St. Edmonds (with The Exiles + Beat Takeshi)
Fri 20th - The Grapes, Sheffield (with Ebbtone + Furious George)
Sat 21st - Surrey Institute of Art & Design, Farnham
Mon 23rd - Wombat Wombat @ Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich (with Stuffy/The Fuses + Cayto)