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Do You See? Do You? Galitza's debut album, is virtually
sold out- a few copies remain with Wrath Records.

Exquisitely worded reviews can be located in the review section on the Galitza site, for those of you still debating whether to buy the cd or blow the tenner on a disposable barbeque for next weekend, when it will rain. Like a bastard.
Meanwhile, we are already working on new material- some of which we've tried out live and some of which we have yet to hear ourselves, and are currently writing, demo-ing and having equipment repaired in advance of real recording, scheduled for August. The plan is to have a 5 or 6 track EP/mini-album type of thing, of new, previously unreleased stuff, out at the end of the summer, just as the nights start drawing in.
And finally...For those of you who enjoy seeing bands for FREE, but hate crawling through fields of mud and shite as toilets burn and scallywags burgle your tent, you will be delighted to learn that Galitza will be appearing at the Beached H2004 Festival next month at Scarborough, on the glorious Yorkshire coast. Have a gander, commander, at
No mud, just sand- and loads of music