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Attempting an unprecedented two releases in one year, those raffish Wrath darlings and notorious devourers of rare soup, Galitza, will be in the studio in September. Demo's have already been completed with a view to releasing a 4 or 5 song EP of previously unreleased material, in the suitably poignant late Autumn/early Winter cultural wasteland. The tracks are to be produced by the debonair and deceptively polite Lewis "Bilderberg" Sleeman, who suffered so much during the making of the band's debut album, "Do You See? Do You?", that he's agreed to do it again.

Various "working titles" for the EP have been overheard by our A and R department through the door of the band's sumptuous rehearsal rooms. These seem to include: "I will, I've just been really busy", "Will you just shut up for two minutes, please!" and "I can't do next Monday".

Rumours that legendary Russian cellist Nano Tixie will be appearing on the recordings remain un-confirmed by the band.