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Galitza are about to emerge with a brand spanking new album called 'Dou You See? Do You?' which features ten brand new tracks of sheer majestic beauty as well as an MPEG video of 'Rattle In Me' from the group's recent 'Laugh Like A Horse' EP.

The album, which is surprisingly horse-free, will be available initially via mail order, online shop and at gigs only so keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks in our products page. The release on March 6th coincides with a number of Galitza events - A big gig at Joseph's Well, Leeds on the very same day, Eric The Who's 57th birthday, approximately five months to the day since Count Simon became a dad and roughly two years to the day since Dr. Billy Strikto got his last bout of shingles.

The album opens with Galitza's Supersevens single 'Stargazers Know THis Stuff' and also features classic favourites such as 'Mini Bar' and 'Ghost Song'. Basically it's an ace album so go and buy it.

Also keep visiting www.galitza.co.uk and vote for the animal you'd most like Galitza to write a song about - current favourite is a squirrel.