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See the ‘heap of junk’ Wrath DVD at last

The fabled Wrath DVD ‘Wrath…and the heap of junk they rode in on’ is now available after much redesign and furtlings. The DVD features no less than 24 tracks from Being 747, Farming Incident, Galitza and The Scaramanga Six - various promos, live recordings and biographies which chart the first year of Wrath’s existence.

You’ll be able to go to each separate band’s page and view them generally acting badly as well as see a gallery of images from when Wrath opened the very first box of samplers back from the pressing plant.

The DVD has been put together by Paul Morricone of Wrath and Darren Evans of onelouderdesign.com over the course of 2002 and is really quite a nice summary of the movements and activities of the label’s first year. All the live footage included comes from the inaugural Wrath Big Gig at Joseph’s Well, Leeds way back in April 2002.

Copies will be available via mail order and online only (Catalogue Number: WRATHDVD09) - keep an eye on our products page for when we get round to putting it on there. It will set you back a mere £10, which is an utter bargain and no mistake. That’s an average of 41p per video track so buy it you filthy misers!