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Farming Incident scare small children
There is a teenage girl in Halifax who now wakes up thinking 'The woods are full of people who never made it home'. Farming Incident can now add 'corrupters of the nation's youth' to the many accolades which have been piled upon them, after their rabid gig at Crossley Heath School in Halifax.

The gig was organised in part by Mr Paul Dignum ('Sir'), a teacher at the well-known educational establishment, and long-time associate of Agent Watson, the Incident's Intelligence Officer.

The evening was remarkable for many reasons: the normally potty-mouthed Agent Procter refrained from uttering profanities in deference to the fragility of young and impressionable minds; Agent Mays, the engine room of the operation, for once kept his bountiful chest hidden beneath his shirt, no doubt for reasons of decorum and to avoid the attentions of the local constabulary; and Ieuan Jones, in front of an admiring and appreciative audience (for once), justified his true rock-god status. Although the bass sound resembled that of a bee farting itself to death in a dustbin, Farming Incident ploughed through a tearaway set of punk-pop nuggests and hectic guitar-strangling epics, leaving the audience in tatters and local charities well ahead on the deal.

Farming Incident would like to thank the Charity Committe of Crossley Heath School, and Mr Paul Dignum, who can claim abundant credit for having the daft idea in the first place.

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