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Introducing stuffy/the fuses

Wrath have made a new signing for the new season and his name is Stuffy.

“stuffy only has two records in his collection, one of them is fugazi¹s ‘end hits’, the other is a 7” single of cardiacs ‘is this the life”.
­ chris tt

On January 3rd 2000 stuffy got on a plane to Japan.
The next 16 months were spent in a room with paper walls and
tatami flooring writing two albums. He lost 2 stone in weight*.
Upon his return to England he got a job as drummer in the touring musical production ‘lady diana: a smile charms the world’. His salary cheques paid for the recording of the forthcoming album. ‘Join Me Or Die!’ - the album in question will be released on Wrath this October.

You may recognise Stuffy - he’s the current Drummer with The Scaramanga Six and has cheered everyone up with his encyclopaedic knowledge of The Simpsons and The Day Today. But what you didn’t know about this loveable cockney is that he has also had a stint with Boney M (‘Brown girl in the ring’ etc.etc.)

The band are releasing a pre-album single on May GO Zero Records called Evel Kneivel b/w In The River. That’s the label that are run by top group Magoo (whom Stuffy also features in as percussionist and all round good guy) and will also have one side of a split single at the end of the year as part of the Wrath Supersevens singles club.

*This has since returned with a PORKY vengeance!