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The Scaramanga Six new year revolutions...

The Scaramanga Six have made a few new years resolutions for 2004. First things first, the band have pledged to keep to a rigid and gruelling practicing schedule to prepare for a UK tour in April. This means taking the unheard of approach of practicing weekly as opposed to the usual once every six months.

They've also resolved to play as many gigs as is possible for part-time rockers. With this in mind, the tour is shaping up nicely with a few dates noth of the border as well as around every corner of England. Simultaneously, Julia from The Six will be organising a tour of the local shopping precincts in the vacinity of the gigs in order to accessorise properly.

Ant Sargeant or 'The Pontecarlo Kid' as otherwise known has settled in nicely to the ways of The Scaramanga Six. His new year resolution is to become as stylish and well dressed as the rest of the band. He is now 'suited and booted' rather than just simply being 'booted' and is regularly beating the skins for the band with aplomb.

More renewed interest form The Huddersfield Daily Examiner has arisen regarding the fabled 'Terriers On Heat' song for Huddersfield Town FC. There are plans afoot to actually record this song proper and possibly release it. All very hairy at the moment. The song did feature in the recent album sessions with Tim Smith though is yet to be completed. You can download an MP3 of the radio appearance from The Adrian Chiles Show on BBC Radio 5 Live which features a fairly rough rendition of the song.