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The entire Wrath Records wroster perform live at The Buff Club in Otley, Yorkshire in a night branded as 'sheer rock stupidity'. The event, entitled WRATH BIG GIG 4: THE OTFEST will be on Saturday 12th October

The venue itself resembles a strange masonic lodge with a variety of antiquated parafinalia from the vaults of 'The Royal Order of Buffalos' adorning the walls. The gig is made all the more surreal because Otley is not known as a hotbed of gigging activity. This means that the audience will probably be made up of a mixture of diehard Wrath fans and bemused locals who were expecting a meat raffle. Combine this with ridiculously cheap beer and the usual wild chordmongering form the bands and your'e in for a rare treat. FARMING INCIDENT will be preparing a new batch of recordings for release at the event and you can sample all other Wrath produce from THE SCARAMANGA SIX, GALITZA & BEING 747(including The Six's fast dwindling supply of their recent split 7'' with Les Flames) . Also on sale will be the fabled LANDSPEED LOUNGERS album, so have your correct change available and no shrapnel thank you. Come along and join the 'otley crue.