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Wrath produce is now getting a good airing on radio!

For starters, Stuffy/The Fuses have been picked up by the mighty John Peel who has played a few tracks from the 'Join me or die!' album. There is a strong rumour that all of this might lead to a Peel Session for those Fuses at some point - fingers crossed! Stuffy also recently did two live sessions in one day as drummer for Graham Coxon - for Lamacq Live on Radio 1 and later on for XFM. That Stuffy really is a radio tart! But we all like a nice tart (particularly the latticed apple variety).

Talking of Steve Lamacq, Being 747 have been receiving play on his BBC 6 Music show of late. Again, album tracks from 'Fun & Games'. Hooray! About time you all got yourselves digital radios don't you think?

As well as UK radio action, there seems to be a fair smattering of play in other parts of the globe too. DJ Predrag Strasmeister is regularly playing all Wrath bands on his shows that go out all over the former Yugoslavia. Nice one Predrag! Also in Serbia, a chap called Slobodan Vujanovic has taken a particular liking to Stuffy/The Fuses on his show called 'The Power of The Witches'!
In Sweden, the scandinavian John Peel, Hakan Persson, has given The Scaramanga Six some radio play on Swedish national radio channel P3.
And across the globe in deepest Chile, a DJ called Rene Atillio Araya has been playing many tracks from the Being 747 album which has been playulisted for quite some time on his Extrano Revoltijoa show. Rene cites Being 747 as a band who "squeezes ny heart like a wet towel". Thanks Rene!
Being 747's album is also No. 1 in Italian DJ's The Martini Brothers top 5 for Jan 2004 and various tracks are being played in Italian clubs. Woo-hoo!
Please please please badger your favourite Radio DJ to play any Wrath releases. It'll certainly help the cause for world domination. Please, please pleeeeeease!