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Wrath Radio-Activity
The spawn of Wrath is infiltrating the the airwaves and penetrating the minds of listeners. Tracks from 'The Continuing Saga of The Scaramanga Six' (WRATHCD02) and Being 747's 'Weathergirl' ep (WRATHCD03) are starting to get quite a bit of an airing on national radio stations. The Six's 'Pressure Cage' and Being 747's 'Weathergirl' got spins on Claire Sturgess' XFM show a few months ago. SInce then, both tracks have been playlisted on digital radio channel Music Choice (Alt Rock & Hard Rock channels) as well as a number of plays on Spydaradio, Student Broadcast Network (Jimmy Possession Show, Jim Coulson Show) and a few regional channels.

Both Wrath bands then went down to London to record sessions for Music Choice in May. Many thanks to Ian and Jason for letting them scream quitly into microphones in a sweaty booth. Also, 'Mind of a 12 year old child' again from Being 747's Weathergirl ep has been aired in the last week by Spydaradio & SBN. And all this without paying a single penny to a plugger!

Sean Hughes has also just played both lead tracks from The Scaramanga Six and Being 747eps on his Sunday Lie-In Show on BBC 6 Music (hoorah!)

Please help Wrath by badgering your favourite radio stations and requesting some rock action from any or all of the bands. We'll happily give them a dose of mighty chordmongering.