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Wrath sampler giveaway madness!
To mark the occasion of the greatest gig in rock history - The Wrath Big Gig, we here at Wrath Records are feeling crazy in the generous sense. Twenty five copies of our incredible Wrath Sampler are to be given away to the first twenty five jammy sods through the door (paying jammy sods).

The gig will take place at Josephs Well, Leeds on Saturday 27th April. It will mark the first time all four bands have played the same bill and fittingly the sampler is the first recording to feature all four bands - nice.

The sampler is not available to buy on the evening, or at any other time, it is for promotional purposes only, and therefore guaranteed to be a rarity you simply must have. Remember if you are not one of the first twenty five punters, you will never own this!

The sampler features 2 quality tracks from each of the Wrath bands. For a full track listing visit the products page or click on the thumbnail below.

click to view the sampler track listing Wrath Sampler details