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The shingle sessions
Galitza were in the studio this weekend to record what will form their first Wrath Records ep. However the session was not without it's horrors as guitarist Dr. Strikto turned up with a blistered head from hell.

Fellow Galitzans were forced to spend the entire weekend holed up in the Billiard Room Recording studio with what could only be described as a sickening and immoral scalp to endure.

Hapless Dr. Strikto (now known as Dr. Blisto) had contracted shingles only a week earlier and had spent 24 hours on a drip in hospital, before putting on a one-eyed brave face and dragging himself to the studio. A remarkable feat of perserverence and courage only matched by that of the rest of his band.

Bassist Eric the Who described the experience "It was like being in a caravan with the Toxic Avenger, with no escape. It was relentless horror, you didn't want to look but just had to, it was sick, and believe me, the puke flowed freely!"

Despite the odds however Galitza in true 'Rock or die' fashion, soldiered on and have produced recordings of beauty despite the ugliness that surrounded them. Stevie Gonzales was very pleased indeed with the outcome saying "I'm very pleased indeed." But hey! you don't have to take his word for it, you can sample it for yourself now by cutting a dash over to the downloads section of this site, where we have produced a special pre-release treat for you. 'You must be the devil' which will be Galitzas first Wrath single is available to download in it's pre-master state. If you would like to reserve a copy of this single, send an email to: info@wrathrecords.co.uk, and you won't have to worry about missing out.