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Hot news! - Wrath Records collaborate with the infamous SHIFTY DISCO label for a special triple A-side release as part of their new Weekly Download Singles Club.

The download becomes available from Friday 15th May and will feature the following tracks:

GALITZA - 'Night'
BEING 747 - 'Target Practice'

As well as downloadable artwork and information on each band and their activities. This is to be the first of a two-part Wrath release as another triple A-side will follow in about a month's time. We strongly urge you to visit the Shifty Disco website to find out more about their pioneering scheme - here's the official information straight from the horse's mouth:

"The Shifty Disco Singles Club is back....

...fresher than ever.

In the middle of 2003 (and after 7 years of monthly CD single releases) we were feeling that the Shifty Disco CD Singles Club concept was growing a little tired and that we were servicing a format rather than providing the best outlet for the music that was coming our way. We had a release schedule to fulfil and we had become slaves to the beast that we'd created. Time to take a step back...

Through the experience and expertise we'd gained since launching www.oxfordmusic.net in 1999 we felt that the time was right to re-embrace the potential of the expanding download market. But we needed to do it in a way that was standalone from the cumbersome megasites that are now being launched almost monthly.

What makes Shifty Disco special? What makes 500 people each year around the world willing to subscribe and pay up front for a bunch of releases from a bunch of artists that they've yet to hear about?
It's because they trust our ears and they want the excitement of regularly receiving something brand new and shiny through their mailbox. We needed to conceive a way of bringing forward all that was great about the Singles Club yet combining it with the emerging technology that would enable the label to deliver the music to the potential listener. And so on April 2nd 2004 the Shifty Disco Weekly Download Singles Club will be launched on the suspecting world.

The cost to subscribers will be only £12 for a 12 month period (no postage and packing for these releases!). This will be a rolling 12 month period (unlike the CD Singles Club that was structured in annual sets of the 12 singles from January to December each year). The price will be the same for someone i! n Bogota as it is for someone in Bognor and this provide give access to the 52 ensuing weekly releases. From Midday every Friday we will upload a new track for subscribers to go and grab. There will be a page with information on the artist and the music and links to other relevant sites and releases plus any extra content that the artist wishes to provide (single artwork, video, etc.). The weekly track will then be live and available for download over the following 4 weeks (to allow for holidays etc.).

During their subscription period, subscribers will also receive copies of our quarterly compilation CDs that will retrospectively round-up the weekly download releases. We will be organising gigs and events around these CD releases to increase the profile and to "show off" the music that we've been delivering to the world in the months previous.

The tracks will also be available individually for 99p from the Friday of release and will remain available for sale as individual downloads in the archive section of our site.
Subcriptions are now available to buy online from the links on the Shifty Disco frontpage - www.shiftydisco.co.uk.