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The Six to work with Cardiacs maestro
The Scaramanga Six will be recording with CARDIACS legend Tim Smith early this summer. The band are due to record tracks for a new e.p. as well as the single track for their split release with Beachbuggy as part of the Wrath Supersevens singles club.

Tim Smith had been sent The Six's album to which he'd remarked that it was 'fucking brilliant' and so agreed to let them into his studio for a session. Quite what is going to happen is anybody's guess - If the mindblowing epicness of Cardiacs records are anything to go by, the results will be majestic to say the least. Most of The Six are anally obsessed about the Cardiacs so the news comes as quite a thrill - especially to drummer Stuffy who often proves it by playing the entire Cardiacs back catalogue on the drums backwards.