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If early-80's rotund disco duo, The Weather Girls, were to be singing about brand new singles on Wrath Records instead of men then it would certainly be raining - and 'Hallelujah!' I say. In fact, it's more like it's been ARSE-ing it down with new singles out there and it's time for you to go out and get yourselves absolutely soaking wet. Read on........

Those of you who have subscribed to the Wrath SUPER SEVENS singles club may have been feeling a little neglected of recent. I dunno, it's like waiting for a bus isn't it? Well, it turns out that it is exactly like waiting for a bus - no loverly new 7-inches to flaunt in front of your jealous friends
for ages then suddenly three come at once!

That's right - we now have #3, #4 & #5 in the series back from the trusty pressing plant in the heart of old Bohemia. These wondrous hunks of vinyl contain the following noises:

Super Seven #3 - WRATH13

FARMING INCIDENT - 'The Flute Of Shame' / MAMA SCUBA - 'Sweet Girl'

The Incident return with a sinister piece of filth called 'The Flute Of Shame'. It describes a medieval torture device that would be applied to punish bad musicians. Sung from the point of chief torturer, FI's Dave Procter explains in macabre detail what he will do to implement the worst possible form of humiliation - 'you'll scream for the rack. Instead of what's in the sack'.

On the other side, our guests are Leeds' own rock weirdoes MAMA SCUBA with a wonderfully produced slab of pop insanity, 'Sweet Girl'. Echoes of bouncy scouseness a la Teardrop Explodes/Bunnymen are evident as the repeated bass riff grinds and the singer jabbers away like some obsessed maniac.

Super Seven #4 - WRATH14

BEING 747 - 'Swingball' / MAGOO - 'We R Synchronized'

Dave Cooke and his merry band of troubadours submit the opening track from the new album 'Fun & Games' (out soon kids). 'Swingball' is a tale of sibling rivalry from the cradle to the grave as the band attack with all the subtlety of an 80's horror flick. We are honoured to have the company of John Peel perennials MAGOO for the other side of this inspired outsider pop pairing. 'We R Synchronized' is also from a forthcoming album and swaggers along in an extremely lively
manner. What the hell are they on about? It beats me, but one thing I know
- I love it and want some more!

Super Seven #5 - WRATH15

THE SCARAMANGA SIX - 'The Poison Pen' / BEACHBUGGY - 'Nineteen'

The first available track from The Scaramanga Six's sessions with CARDIACS maestro Tim Smith, 'The Poison Pen' details the perversion of innocent childhood penpals. The trademark frantic 'whistles & bells' approach of The Six to arrangement is emphasized by Mr Smith's uncompromising production making this track the most evil racket you'll have heard in a long while. The uber-cool BEACHBUGGY pair up with The Six on this single with a teasing head-nodder of a tune called 'Nineteen'. Doncaster's finest noise-merchants
have been given the special permission by their label Poptones to put this out on Wrath, so take heed - it won't be around for long.

A very short run of all these singles will make their way into the independent record shops in the new year and are available from gigs and mail order RIGHT NOW. However, to guarantee getting the whole Super Sevens series, plus a load of other bab we can throw in, we strongly recommend you take out a subscription to the scheme. How? - as if we haven't hassled you

enough about it already!

Go to the Super Sevens page (link here) for details and enjoy!