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Is it really finally over....

So, the unpredictably random monster that is the Wrath Super Sevens singles club rears it’s plastic head once more. This time, the final thrilling instalment featuring the gigantic talent of CHRIS T-T and our very own STUFFY/THE FUSES. To celebrate the completion of the series, we have a VERY SPECIAL OFFER for you too. Read on…..


The last offering in the 6-part Super Sevens 7” singles club has just been abandoned on the Wrath doorstep swaddled in rags, cowering in a basket. I tell you what, the stork that brought it along must have been FUCKING HUGE as this baby is made of solid ROCK.

We are very honoured to feature Mr CHRIS T-T and his band on one side with the epic ‘Cull’, taken from his most recent and bloody marvellous album ‘London Is Sinking’ (I vonder vhat it is sinking about? - sorry, I couldn’t resist that! ). In this track, Mr T-T challenges the corrupt, fuck-headed powers-that-be to a bare-knuckle brawl and at the time of writing, he is still winning. Chris and his band have been tirelessly touring the album of recent which has picked up sparkling reviews in many national rags and some high-brow broadsheets too. We last saw him tear up the main stage at this year’s Truck festival which was sooo intense and powerful that it opened the heavens up and we all got wet.

On t’other side of this marvellous piece of plastic, our very own celebrity STUFFY and his many mutli-facted FUSES contribute the gentle ‘Waltz’ - a meatier re-recording of the popular track from the fantastic album ‘Join Me Or Die’, which of course could only be on Wrath records. Stuffy has been a very busy boy recently as he is currently touring the entire world as drummer for the legendary Graham Coxon. Having his drums set up for him, being on TV and staying in plush hotels hasn’t gone to his head mind you - well at least that’s what his personal stylist told us. He still likes his pie & peas at teatime, only now he has developed a taste for Pukka’s special truffle & beluga suet pudding.

PRICE CRASH! By means of celebration of what has been a very exciting series of singles for us, we are now dropping the price for the whole set to an insane £12 through Wrath mail order, and £15 for online subscriptions through OxfordMusic.net. If you have none of these vinyl gems so far, this is your best chance to pick up the lot for a song. It's an offer way ahead of it's time.
We will also be starting to sell these separately online soon, so good for those of you out there who are looking to replace certain singles that have been played sooooo much that the needle has worn through the vinyl.
Get your hands on this bargain now, before the few remaining ones all get put in a cupboard or something.

The Big question is - Will there be second season of Super Sevens? That, my dears, is entirely up to YOU. Though it's been ace, we need your continued support for these kind of poorly-planned hair-brain schemes to work, so please let us know what you think by emailing info@wrathrecords.co.uk with either "Please please please do another Super Sevens series - the first one change my life for the better" or "If you bastards don't stop sending me these pissing seven-inch singles, I will come over there and bum you up the bum"