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Supersevens #1
7'' Vinyl

A: Les Flames! - Commitment to excellence
AA: Little Japanese Toy - Fingermouse

Part of the Wrath Supersevens 7'' singles club.


Oh the joy of breaking out a real 7 inch single and then loving it as much as this. les Flames! go at it like rutting dogs in a home for delicate poodles. Woo hoos, great tunes and clangingly bright guitars make an uncannily English punk sound. Where do these Gallic impostors get it from? It shouldn't be possible to make up stuff like this any more. But they've done it. Ace.

And double whopper ace on the backside too from the not usually as ball bearings in a storm tossed dustbin as this Little Japanese Toy. Ferocious noise and a tune as well! Brilliant. Bass like no one had any low frequency hearing left, voices like men with razor blades up their arses, and a great lo-fi keyboard doing kid's TV impressions. And smashingly short, with cursing in binary to fool the censors. Bleep bleep.

Come on postman ... bring me number 2 in the series! (this was the first of the Wrath Super Sevens ... watch your collection grow into a real investment that will still amuse, delight and offend you into and beyond your declining years). I paid for mine, so I'm keeping them.

Sam Saunders


les flames/little japanese toy (wrath010)
the first in a series of limited split 7" releases from the leeds based wrath records.

i love this kind of thing. collector scum product.
les flames offering 'commitment to excellence' raises the stakes from the offset, making the next umpteen releases very promising if they can match this opening shot. supposedly a french band, but the opening '1,2,3,4' shout indicates otherwise. with a lyrical content declaring a complete avoidance of the band being branded as part of the new rock revolution they revisit the spirit of 77 with a vitriolic 3 minute blast that would sit easily amongst any of the clash's first album. its that good. passion burns strong. along with the bands intent. superb.

flip the record (arrhh its all coming back to me now ..) and little japanese toys track 'finger mouse' is almost over before you even get a chance to decide wether you like it or not. heavily distorted beats and a scratchy guitar/basslines meshed with fairground organ and off splintered sci-fi sound effects make for an interesting blend. this will not appeal to the masses, but i suspect certain sections of careless talk readers are gonna lap this up. me .. i like it, i think. need to hear more. which is a good thing. non ?

Mark E


Sonically, les Flames! are as aware of early Damned as they are of The Stooges. They've obviously been doing their home work as well as rehearsing & writing. They also have a healthy disrespect for authority, as illustrated by the wonderful chorus to "Commitment To Excellence", their finest moment to date.



Meet French-born, Leeds-based Les Flames!, who claim “We’re not part of your New Rock Revolution”, then go on to prove it by ripping off early Clash demo’s and posing the question: what if Shane McGowan had got the gig ahead of Joe Strummer?

Logo Magazine


Commitment To Excellence / Fingermouse
by Les Flames! + Little Japanese Toy on Wrath Records
Release date: 8th September 2003
Vive la revolution!

They say it's grim up north, but they sure as hell didn't tell the cold souls of Wakefield, and as for the lads from Leeds...well...it's business as usual... unless your name's Woodgate or Bowyer, in which case a trip up the A1 might do the trick. But that's not to say constructive sarcasm isn't worthy. I mean, "we're not not part of your new rock revolution, we're not down with your bullshit constitution..." shout Les Flames!, even if the next lyric mentions a rival publication avec pretentious overtones but still...

Straight outta Wakefield come Little Japanese Toy breathing fire and shouting marginally positive abuse via vocoder and diametric sequencer overload, to usurp the potential brainpower of 98% of their northern monkey brethren and destroy any myths about cheap sarcasm incurring sacrilege of the highest order (in Chapel St Leonards social club, OBVIOUSLY, m'lord).
Whether or not the Kings Of Leon would ever bestow themselves to praise the morality of cold dripping sandwiches and lukewarm cups of Bovril is debatable, but the day they write tunes as good as these two....we can only pray.

Dom Gourlay



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