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Supersevens #2
7'' Vinyl

A: Galitza - Stargazers know this stuff
AA: The Bilderberg Group - Good, Bad

Part of the Wrath Supersevens 7'' singles club.



eview: www.ireallylovemusic.com

galitza - stargazers know this stuff :
quality indie rock like its the mid 90's all over again. combining surly sexy female vocals which mix polly harverys broodiness with devil may care attitude. the chorus which declares that "kylie isn't hot, and elvis doesn't rock" is full on uptempo classic indie rock. exactly the type of sounds that were so in favour with the legendary fort apache studios. basically - this is an excellent track. if the band can form an album of this quality then i could have found my fave band of 2004. time will tell

the bilderberg group - good bad :
pleasant, laid back teenage fanclub type of country rock vibes. with elements of the sunkissed melodies as so in favour with the scottish bands that alan mcgee was so fond of (anyone else remember the diggers). while this doesn't grab the throat as the a-side this is a downright lovely tune and will have you singing along when this pops up on random play on that holiday car journey.

Mark E



Galitza “Stargazers Know This Stuff” (Wrath)

Madly driven thing with an endearingly wonky riff, it belts along like some turbo-charged scuzz-mobile, experiments with Wendy James style drawling and a massive bass so far up in the mix it’ll screw your speakers for sure. Cool and Frantic, a series of sonic grenades lobbed around the tinsel factory and the fact that I’d swear they’re singing “Elvis doesn’t bark….” Get it the maximum points.



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