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Supersevens #4
7'' Vinyl

A: Being 747 - Swingball
AA: Magoo - We R Synchronized

Part of the Wrath Supersevens 7'' singles club.


Review by: www.leedsmusicscene.co.uk

Being 747 - 'Swing Ball'
This one bounces very hard. Dave Cooke is in declamatory mood and the mutant percussive backing suits very well. Everything about it is raw, sharp and even more disturbing than first impressions suggest. And they do suggest. disturbing. Infectious isn’t the wrong word either. Compulsive, addictive, paranoid and obsessive also approach the truth.

Magoo - 'We r synchronized'
Stadium sleaze and slither from Magoo with space noises and big chords. Sounds like a very thin boy in dark make-up and a monster sound rig up front. Not an old duffer with severe myopia at all. Could be T Rex: The Nightmare. Jolly good. Punchy and staggering.

Sam Saunders


review by: www.ireallylovemusic.com

being 747/magoo (wrath014)
being 747 - swingball :
cracker of the bunch. pop music for the twisted folks who sit at the back of the bus. too cool for school lyrics. insistent beats with its smattering of electronic drum sounds, pumping bassline and sharp guitar line that is straight out of that petrol emotion . this is fuking class .. innocence lost around the swingball pole .. the lp indicates that the creators of this songs have a lot more sonic tricks up their sleeve ..

magoo - we r synchronized :
sheer wonder .. this is a track that builds up to an almighty crescendo of fast furious guitars and 'oooo la la la' backing vocals ... a new generation buzzcocks for the naughties ? yup.

Mark E


review by: Unpeeled. December 2003


Being 747 “Swingball” (Wrath)

Sniping riffs pulled from Alice Cooper’s early 70’s songbook provide cover to some deep, snappy & sarky vox while the artillery comes as a rock n rolling solid rhythm section. Thinking along the lines of Jilted John getting The Vibrators to help him duff up Alice Cooper wouldn’t put you too far off the scent.


Magoo “We R Synchronized” (Wrath)

Going completely bonkers with huge blasts of sound that manage to integrate impossibly fuzzed guitars, chords as bludgeons, underwater drumming and effect fucked vox that sound like Tiny Tim with his bollocks (?) in a vice. This is just tooooo fab. You need it, you must have it, go get it and while on route to the shops note that this is one side of a split single, the flip being er, Being 747 who are covered on this very page.



review: Sandman Magazine Dec 03/Jan 04

Magoo / Being 747
We R Synchronized / Swingball (Wrath)

Norwich’s Magoo have been around almost 10 years, but their joyous, individualistic sprit is showing no signs of flagging. This is twitchy, loud-but-cute, false endings, football cheering, and more singing and instruments. The sort of thing that Mark Radcliffe would be playing every night if he was still doing the 10-12 night-time slot on Radio 1, and there aren’t many higher compliments than that.
On the flip (or possibly the A-side - who knows?) Being 747 treat us to some more off-beam angular pop, recalling Julian Cope at his most loveably loopy if he sand songs about back garden childhood family games, school discos and suchlike, which he should have done. Corking.

Mark Sturdy.



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