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Landspeed Loungers
...and now they really are all dead
CD Album

18 tracks plucked from the glorious past of the Landspeed Loungers, inc. the singles 'Paul', 'Blackout Boy' and 'Sweet pea' as well as previously unreleased material.
This is the definitive Landspeed Lounger collection and a must for all Lounger fans.

1: Paul 2: Thin Sand Puppet 3: Ice 4: Those Before Me 5: Ladder 6: Faraday 7: Incediary Devices 8: A Car 9: Sweetpea 10: Sun, sea, sex and sand 11: Born to be a star 12: Blackout Boy 13: Revolving Door 14: New York 15: Saddest Girl 16: Elvis In E 17: Scissors 18: Carbonara



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