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The Wrath Gallery

Wrath Records apologise that they cannot return your pictures.
However all pictures featured on the site will receive a special prize!

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A recent Stuffy/The Fuses & The Scaramanga Six gig in Otley!

Backstage at that gig which is frankly a lot more interesting

The Wrath 3rd Birthday do 11/02/05, The Mixing Tin, Leeds

The video shoot to The Six's We Rode The Storm

Posing bastards - The Six in an unexplained squash court

The Scaramanga Six receive a grilling from Sandman Magazine

The Scaramanga Six indulge in a delightful game of bowls


Incriminating photos from the Wrath 1st birthday party 5/1/03

Stills from The Scaramanga Six's The Poison Pen Video

A typical Wrath Records meeting

Wrathing all over the world!

Photos from the Wrath Big Gig photos by Paul Dorrington

Galitza live at Jospehs Well 16.02.02 photos by Tony Woolgar

Stills from Scaramanga Six's Pressure Cage video


Stills from Being 747's Weather Girl video


Eric The Who Galitza at home in their scuzzy rehearsal room