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UK Distributors of Wrath Records. Please feel free to contact them and ask why the latest copy of you favourite Wrath release isn't available in the Outer Hebrides.

Our partner for online sales. UK and international orders can be taken through their well-organised online shop. All this and a nice bunch of chaps they are too!

All the Wrath CD back catalogue and current releases will be availble to download as MP3s here. How cool is that?

The preferred CD manufacturer for all our releases. As well as having the patience levels of chess grandmasters, they produce the highest quality CD’s to any specification. They can also do short-runs (anything from 50 up) of CDRs in-house that are impossible to tell from properly manufactured CDs. Good prices too - give them a call.

This is the website for GZ Digital Media in the Czech Republic. Very reliable and easy-to-work-with manufacturers of all things vinyl. All price lists are available on their site if you are after saucy 7-inch satisfaction.


Club night and leeds gigs

A bible-like guide to everything band-related in the Leeds area including reviews, previews, news, views and shoes (it rhymes). Has a very lively forum where Leedsbands insult each other on a daily basis.

A bible-like guide to everything band-related in the Manchester area - similar in principle, content and usefulness to it’s Leeds counterpart.

The essential listings site for gigs in the Leeds area strangely enough.

The promotional arm of the LMS website.

Anna and her friends have been solely responsible for making Brighton the bastion of culture it is with many top-notch gigs.

The gigging arm of Fierce Panda Records puts on rather splendid gigs at various venues around Laahndan Taaaahn such as The Old Dublin Castle, The Old Bull & Gate and The Old Plague-riddled Sewer.

Supremely loud and skill PA and Sound Engineering service based out of
Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Strongly recommend getting in touch with them if
you want to actually wake the dead - if you have already woken the dead,
then they also offer web design and photography services so you can get
online with the dead, and even photograph the dead!


What I remember of Kerrang! when I was a kid was a magazine full of poodlerock poseurs like Def Leppard. Strangely enough things have come round full circle and bands that sound like Sheffield’s finest are being lauded once more! Kerrang is now the biggest-selling music mag in the UK and surprisingly has a very open review policy - so far, they have awarded both The Scaramanga Six & Galitza four of their sacred ‘K’s each. Keep it up corporate friends.

Sandman run magazines in Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, York and Nottingham - all of which are equally cool and all of which feature and highlight all manner of regional and national music activity in a refreshingly competent way!

Utterly brilliant Punk online fanzine. A commendable dis-respect for anything remotely establishment and a real sense of comradery makes this zine stand out from the crowd. All this and they love les Flames! too - are they mad?

With a complete passion for all things Rock & Roll, Artrocker do a unique weekly emailout - a fantastic idea to get the message about. This enables things to not get stale or too precious. Log on to their website and subscribe to the mailout as soon as is humanely possible. Cripes oh lordy! Artrocker also have a record label and regular gig night in London. Is there no end to these people?

Ace all-round music site! Increasing coverage of all things Wrath by this, one of the most popular online music magazines, has lead to several good gigs and contactfrom people as far away as Italy & The UsofA. Visit them nowwwwww.

Online music magazine with a great taste in music - they must have, because they have reviewed many Wrath releases. Regular commentators on the West Yorkshire scene.

As well as being a jolly good fanzine, Diskant should be in the resources section too. They host websites for many labels such as Purr from Bath and seem to glue together a lot of the underground music community.

He does an all! No frills, honest and articulate review site.

Reviews and articles written by music fanatics says the title page of this Mansfield-based webzine. And fanatics they are - I have met them and fell hypnotised under the gaze of their insane, non-blinking lazer eyes.

Many reviews and interesting competitions from this online zine. Another supported of all things Wrath.

Another jolly good website based around the old Charm magazine which reviewsLeeds/Harrogate gigs and thinks everyone on Wrath are geniuses.

This web-based review zine is based in none other than Huddersfield. Hoorah!. They have a penchant for prog all right.

Choke! Are a Bristol-based D.I.Y. collective and fanzine. Organise good gigs and are well up for collaboration and gig-swapping.

The website arm of Organ Magazine - a well-respected and long running fanzine turned into a national glossy recently. Started out as Cardiacs fanatics and still are.

Misfit City are an online zine with very eloquent reviews and a penchant for The Scaramanga Six.

Online radio channel that has supported Wrath Records releases on Laurence Arnold and Danny Garlick’s programmes.

Another online fanzine with a broad range of coverage.


The Research will probably be huge. Their utterly infectious music should ensure that will not be able to forget them - even if your brain was erased with mind rubbers.

Falconetti - star wars influenced sound-scapes with samplers and trumpet

The inimitable Chris T-T first came to our attention with his excellent album ‘The 253’. Soon after that a single called ‘Eminem Is Gay’ came out - can’t fault the lad.

Home of THE BILDERBERG GROUP - Not the mysterious organisation formed by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1952, but instead it’s Leeds’ finest country pop tunesmiths. Check out ‘Good Bad’ as part of Wrath Super Sevens 2003 and I guarantee you will be cheered up.

The Scubas have been peddling their Yorkshire/Scouse crossover of angular indie pop for a few years. They have a penchant for cardboard boxes, very loud live shows and their drummer looks like a James Bond bad guy.

Cayto are Great-o and they come from Glasgow. Live shows include maniacal piano playing, big fuzzy wigs and toy police helmets.

These Huddersfield popsters are so tall that they can easily look over walls, touch ceilings, browse on tree leaves and develop their own climate.

top pop band from the big smoke

Bristol’s very own breakbeat dirge-merchants. Excellent live performers and healthily obsessed with PiL’s Metal Box album.

Any band with two drummers, four sets of personalised jumpsuits and a motorised dodgem car are surely worthy of interest.

One of the most insane and beautiful bands that have ever existed. Visit the site and kiss the big ugly shark. Look out for future collaboration between Cardiacs main man Tim Smith and our very own The Scaramanga Six.



Dance To The Radio, run by former Les Flames man Whiskas, is fast dwarving our efforts to be totally omnipotent. And well done to them too - they add to the ever-rich seam of Leeds-based record labels. How great.

Magoo's own recording label featuring only the cream of British songwriting
talent, and Stuffy/The Fuses.

Oxford-based indie label, home to such luminaries as Smilex. They also do a
fortnightly radio programme, so get in contact with them now.

Manchester-based like-minded cohorts of evil treachery. Home to the likes of Palo Alto, Bynatone, Double Jo(H)n Grey etc. Collaborators on last year’s Les Flames!/The Scaramanga Six split 7” single. Jolly nice chaps too.

Based in Baaaaath and have released records by such ace bands as Gravy Train!!!!, M.A.S.S., J*R, Intentions Of An Asteroid, Aqua Vista and Sammo Hung. They started out from a hugely successful gig night at the Moles Club in bath - check out the website for details of who’s coming up.

Another Leeds label with hideous plans for dastardly aural terrorism. Home to The Onion Volts, Mr Shiraz & Catylyst. Secretly plotting to destroy us, but are still our friends.

Bristol-based label full of hipsters such as Big Joan.

Oxford’s purveyors of fine discs by the likes of Fonda 500, Black Neilsen etc. They put on a bloody marvellous festival in a farmer’s field just outside Oxford every year. The label started from this festival effort.

They have done alright for themselves over the years. Used to have CHEST signed to them (Emma from Galitza was in).


Lego and death. A fine combination!

film film film and more film and cool links

John Pilger investigative journalist / lefty lovey / all round saviour of the world site

more film. sorry. archive of everything (everything!) ever made. Find out what that film you loved when you were 4 but can't remember anything about the title apart from the word 'blob' was in it.

frankly indispensable sight for those of us stuck in the west yorks area without a vehicle and only our legs.

You can make pictures up with the Powerpuff girls in them. Yummy fun

A primitive, absurdly stupid and very addictive game website hosted by none other than Bruce Forsythe. You can use weapons such as 'nads of steel' or even 'the lovely Debbie Magee'.

Two blokes who like nothing better than taking surprise pictures of old people as one of them mimics them in the background. As purile as knocking on someone's door and then legging it.

Hot chair on chair action.


Weebl and Bob love pie

Scary shit!

-if only for the biscuit review archive

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