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sidepicRene les Flames! on t'stereo:

Mommy & Daddy - What Is The Function?
The Futureheads - First Day
Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategy - The If Works
Ex-Models - The Idea Of Peter North
Relaxed Muscle - Sexualised
Kenosha / The Black Helicopters / The Tennessee Traincrash demos

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This is Wrath's Room 101. Basically, a list of everything that annoys the living shit out of members of Wrath. Why not send us an email and let us know what gets your goat?


Eric The Who

...and just when you eventually get almost to the front of the queue at the cash-only checkout, and the student in front of you goes "I like SO need to pay with my, like, card?" Bastard! Also, have you ever worked in a shop and had to deal with a middleclass woman from Harrogate? Enough said. And why do people who like fox hunting talk such shite about "oh, it protects the dogs from wild chickens and makes the grass more lush and the sky turn blue" Bollocks. Admit it, you like chasing stuff then killing it. Admit it, go on, I dare you. And while we're at it, PERSONALISED NUMBERPLATES- they all say the same thing to me, pal- W4 NKA. Base ball hats on British people? NO!
Stilleto heels and rouched combat pants? You look like you've filled your nappy. TV presenters who say "dumbing down" "sexed-up" or "anything-gate"- stop talking rubbish you've been spoon fed by some tosser in PR. And journalists who write columns called "Frightfully witty Journey up my own Arse" in the Sunday newspapers. I hate you. Music Journalists- why do they always write "Fook" when quoting bands from the North but never write "Fack" when quoting bands from London? Is it perchance because they are a shower of "coonts"? Weather forecast on the telly every 15 minutes when I'm dealing
with a hangover? I suggest we all look out of the chuffing window and we can dispense with these bleating, gesticulating, careerist sub-celeb wannabes, pronto. People eating at the next table in a restaurant, coughing, whilst I'm trying to enjoy a fine cigar? Shut up! Button-down collars unbuttoned? Aaarrrgghhh! Fromage frais in scrambled eggs? You Delia-faced Thatcherites! Deploy in line against French cavalry? Are you mad, sir? Form square sir, form square! No, no, the valley on the right, you're going straight into the guns by god...

Stevie Gonzales

Bodhran drums, Fiddles and any of that Irish jiggery pokery twatery
Jumpers over shoulders and deck shoes.
Taking the kids to school in a 4x4 or some other monstrosity that can't fit into one space at Asda car park.
Manchester, in particular the red scum The lack of UFOs in our skies these days. Stargate and that interminable hour after getting home from work before the Simpsons is on Sky.

Paul Morricone

I too would like to banish personalised number plates into the gates of eternal hellfire. You might as well be driving around with a big sign saying ‘look at me, I am a complete and utter pranny with nothing more constructive to do with my money than try and vaguely spell my name with numbers and upside down words’. I mean, since when has the number 4 looked anything like a letter H? (except on an upside-down calculator).
Also into hades will be juveniles who spit in public. Apparently Julian Clary put this into Room 101 when he was on telly and I couldn’t agree more with him. There is nothing more vile and stupid looking than some burberry-capped thug sauntering down the road flobbing in your general direction. If you are going to hoik a grolley, do it in private!
I'm also going to put the sandwich I've just had into Room 101. It was 'Chicken and Mango' which sounded like it was going to be quite exotic - but it turned out to be a really gloopy mayonnaisey mess. And the baguette was really soft and not crusty in any way. Why do sandwich companies lie to us? Why?


Steve Morricone

1. Insurance Companies
I hate robbery & vandalism mainly due to the utter lack of consideration by
the people responsible. However, for me Insurance Companies are a much
lower form of life by far. They really get my goat - in fact, If I did have
a goat I'd probably have to pay an insurance company a 'premium' to ensure
that nobody did 'get' it. Even if my goat was 'got', the insurance company
would try their utmost to wriggle out of paying out for a new/repaired
goat. If I did report that somebody had 'got my goat', they would probably
put my premium up just for reporting it, then if they did arrange for a
claim to be made, not only would the premium go up again but the courtesy
goat I would get would only have 3 legs. Can you feel my pain?

2. Vacuous TV Presenters
Most of us were born with a fully-functioning brain. However, these people
have only the vestigial remains. Any trace of intelligence in these people
has been bashed out of them over a remarkably short time - the increasing
quest for celebrity above anything else will eventually cause a
de-evolution of the Human species I'm sure! The worst of these cretins
inhabit the endless voids of daytime and children's TV, though they also
clog the airwaves of Radio stations of all kinds for the majority of the
programming schedule. There they are, smiling, giggling, using fashionable
'street talk', stating the obvious, hurling out opinions with absolutely no
factual basis or logic - all just so they can be famous! The reason TV
executives choose these numbskulls for the job is the same reason small
supermarkets only stock Corn Flakes and Weetabix - in order to appeal to
the masses, choose the least-offensive, least-challenging, least-original,
lowest common denominator.

3. Wasps
Implementers of supreme annoyance from above. These little gits seem to
have one purpose - to buzz around my ears, land on my clothes and generally
freak me out. Don't get me wrong - I actually think these miniature
insectoid bezerkers are incredibly beautiful in shape, design and colour.
Despite this, I could quite happily go my entire life without coming into
contact with another one of the bastards. They are also adept destroyers of
'cool' - they have this strange ability to make you dance around waving you
arms about you like some kind of pathetic idiot during the most dignified

4. Marmite
Quite simply, it is the putrid excrement from the bum-gut of Satan.

5. Ignoramuses
I suppose this should really be at the top, as these fuckers exist in every
walk of life. There are ignorant twats all around us - driving 1 foot
behind my car with lights a-flashing, leaving shopping trolleys completely
blocking the aisles of Supermarkets, you know the sort. Basically anyone
with no consideration for others around them.

6. "Send me a demo"
When referring to music, I utterly hate the term 'demo' - it devalues all
serious artistic value and lifelong effort. I don't know about you, but I
would burn my bollocks on the gates of hell to get my art right. We bust a
gut to not only make the best music we can, but also to put it together in
a the most attractive packaging and then spend endless years and all of our
money rehearsing, gigging, setting up and running our own label,
schmoozing, hassling, etc - real blood, sweat & tears stuff, just for some
record industry nonce to say "....er yeah, send me a demo". Well Sonny Jim,
we don't make 'Demo's I'm afraid so NO, you can't have one.

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