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Rene les Flames! on t'stereo:

Mommy & Daddy - What Is The Function?
The Futureheads - First Day
Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategy - The If Works
Ex-Models - The Idea Of Peter North
Relaxed Muscle - Sexualised
Kenosha / The Black Helicopters / The Tennessee Traincrash demos

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Steve Morricone

Julian Cope - Citizen Cained
Me Against Them - Me Against Them
Prince Buster - 'FABuluos' greatest hits
The Stranglers - No More Heroes
Some Cardiacs radio 1 sessions from 1995
Some recordings by The Lodger, The Interiors, The Terminals, Napoleon 3rd

Paul Morricone

PIL - Album, Metal Box
Rough Trade 'Post Punk Vol 1' compilation
XTC - GO 2
The Fall - Shiftwork
Blurt - 'A fish needs a bike' compilation
Beachbuggy - Sport Fury
Throbbing Gristle's greatest hits
Wire - Pink Flag
Tom Waits - The Black Rider
Swell Maps - A trip to marineville
Kinks - Arthur

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