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Emma Bob 3 - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Dr. Billy Strikto - Guitar, Vocals
Eric The Who - Bass
Stevie Gonzales - Guitar, Vocals
Count Simon - Drums

galitza Lost, presumed dead as infants, following a hot-air balloon 'incident', the five members of Galitza were raised by horses and given horse names. Life was good on the paddock and their adopted family raised them well, training them in the arts of steeplechase and equestrianism. When Galitza were finally old enough to realize how fucked up all of this was, they joined the real world, fully primed to become the thoroughbreds of pop they are now. Their musical pedigree was first discovered in 2001 when they launched themselves onto the gig scene thing in Leeds to shouts of "who are you?" and left the stage to shouts of "wow, not bad considering they play their instruments in a horse-like manner". Of course comparisons were soon being made to earlier bands Chest and Landspeed Loungers who also had members called Emma, Steve, Bill, Eric and Simon. The combination of uncanny physical similarities and profound musical talents were bound to cause confusion, but Galitza were being raised by horses at the time of the afore mentioned bands successes.

What do they sound like? Emma Bob 3 sums it up nicely "We have songs that will nuzzle you up on the sofa, leaving you feeling warm but sad. We have songs that will wall you up outside the public toilets, leaving you feeling soiled but happy."

What's their mission? To fuck the music industry up the arse while galloping freely over hill and vale.

Feb 2005

The flame of flames


May 2004

Do you see?, Do you?
CD Album

October 2002

Laugh Like a horse

4. Lover Number 1

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