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There is no denying that we started out as a front for a load of mates to have a regular booze-up - a nice cosy co-operative of bands
meeting down the pub every week or so, but as time has moved on, we've developed into a crack team of relentless badgerers
focussed on spreading the Wrath.

The main protagonists are:

Steven Morricone - In charge of all things businesslike, public relations, accounts, hassling, promotion, correspondence, strategy.

Paul Morricone - Does all creative stuff: looks after products, design, videos, basically anything with Wrath branding on it.

The Wrathsters - A group of people from bands on Wrath who meet and discuss policy, or lack of policy,
usually in a pub rather than some boardroom.

To contact any of the above, please email info@wrathrecords.co.uk

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