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This is the perhaps most important question. The way of Wrath is one concerned primarily with operating at a level of integrity and honesty we feel has been lacking in the UK music industry. We were set up to combat cynicism and produce exceptional and memorable POP MUSIC at the same time - simple as that. We advocate style AND content in equal measures, but with absolutely no concern for the fickle shackles of fashion and blatant engineering of popular culture for short-term gain - We are not arrogant enough to think the music-buying public are that stupid and therefore longevity is a key quality to anything we’re involved with. Amongst our ranks, we have the all the key skills needed so that if we’re not satisfied with any aspect of making and promoting music, we’ll DO IT OURSELVES. What’s to stop us?

Partly through idealism, partly through bloody-mindedness, we are driven to reach out and network with the like-minded in the spirit of proactive co-operation. The idea is to build our own industry based on the principles of integrity and quality pop music. There are certainly enough of us out there to create a solid structure and a regular outlet for the music we love. We believe in growth by forging bonds and pooling resources. When we are forced to operate within the confines of music establishment (venues, press, radio, TV, the internet even), we do so with great pride and without compromise.

We feel that artists and musicians at a more humble level should be treated with the same respect as those who have broken through the barriers of success. We do not suffer the condescending nature of ‘local vs national’ mentality. Music is ART, all art is to be taken seriously. Therefore, you will not find here any of the belittling terminology used in abundance by the many shysters out there. We prohibit the use of the following words/phrases in the context of music: ‘Demo’, ‘Showcase’, ‘Signed’, ‘Unsigned’, ‘Battle of the bands’ etc etc. As most of us are artists ourselves, this philosophy of respect extends to the way we interact with other artists. Everything is done with mutual agreement and should be beneficial to all parties concerned.

Despite all this self-righteous ranting, we don’t have a one of them odd company mission statements. If we did it would probably read 'Mission statement: avoid all mission statements'. The beauty about it all is that we can make it all up as we go along!

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